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On this playlist you can sample music written by the composer Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR).

These are not commercial recordings: you can find those on our Recordings page. On this "Listen" page you can play amateur or professional recordings if we have them, and synthesised MP3 / OGG sound files for research or choral practice.


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Year Title and Duration Genre Commercial CD Playlist Recording Player Sheet Music
1560-1590? William Byrd:
Have mercy upon me O God
(SATB and strings)
Anthem No Recording: Choir of St John's College, Cambridge in 1927 Play
with score
PDF file
1898 Opus 5 No 1:
Strew on her Roses
Part-songs No Concert:
The Treasury Singers in November 2016
with score
In preparation
Opus 5 No 2:
Love and Laughter
with score
1904 Opus 16:
A Shepherd in a Glade
(SATB a cappella)
Part-song No Concert: Ripieno Choir in June 2014 Play
with score
Presto Classical
1905 Opus 20:
Capriccio for String Quartet in D minor

Chamber music No Studio recording:
Crystal Palace String Quartet in April 2017
available 2017
1911 Opus 24:
The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance
(SATB a cappella)
Anthem No Performance:
St Peter's Church Choir in May 2017
with score
Stainer & Bell
1908 Opus 27:
String Quintet in D major
Chamber music No Studio recording:
London City Quartet (augmented) in April 2017
Typeset: proofreading
1906 Opus 28:
Epinikion - Song of Victory
Organ Yes Recital:
Marilyn Harper in August 2014
with score
Stainer & Bell
1911 Opus 38:
The Stolen Child
(chorus and orchestra)
Choral Yes Synthesised:
chorus and orchestra
with score
available 2017
1915 Opus 51:
For The Fallen
(chorus and orchestra)

20'04" (concert)
14'59" (MP3 files)
Choral Yes Concert:
Chiswick Choir in November 2011
with score
CM 1086
Cathedral Music
Synthesised MP3 practice files: SATB and piano Play
with score
1921 Opus 64:
Suite in Three Movements
(flute and piano)
Chamber music No Studio recording in June 2014 Play
with score
Chester Music
Presto Classical
1930 Opus 83:
(viola, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and harp)
Chamber music No Live recording:
planned for 2017
none yet Typeset:
available 2017
1933 Opus 87:
Daybreak at Sea
(SSATBB a cappella)
Part-song No Concert: Ripieno Choir in June 2014 Play
with score
Presto Classical
1933 Opus 89:
March for Military Band
Band music No Concert: London Military Band in March 2017 Play
with score
available 2017
1933 Opus 90:
Evening Service in E minor
(SATB and organ)
Sacred Yes Wells Cathedral: May 1965 Play
CM 501:
Cathedral Music
1935 Opus 92:
Guy's Cliffe at Night
(soprano, alto and piano)
Part-song No Performance:
Cantilena in June 2014
with score
Presto Classical
1936 Opus 94:
Hark, Where Poseidon's White Racing Horses
(SSATB a cappella)
Part-song No Concert: Ripieno Choir in June 2014 Play
with score
Presto Classical
1975 Arthur Hutchings:
"The music of Cyril Rootham"
radio broadcast
Talk No Recording: anniversary talk on BBC Radio 3 in 1975 Play Transcript:
(PDF 174Kb)

About these works

Here is a brief outline for each of these works, with some interesting historical background:

Types of recording

Not available in all cases, but we offer at least one of the following formats

Browser requirements

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Synthesised and Virtual Singer sound files are not intended in any way as an artistic performance. But they do have a role in allowing us to hear these neglected works at the composer's tempo, and the Virtual Singer files will be useful to choir members rehearsing the work with a choral society.

Future plans

Adding to the playlist
During 2017 the playlist of CBR works will gradually be expanded. We will concentrate on CBR works which are either already in print or are just being typeset, so that you can be sure of obtaining the music for your own live performance.
Synchronised scores
On the Playlist we are gradually adding score pages turning in sync with the playback:
  •  Op.51 "For the Fallen" in February 2014
  •  Op.92 "Guy's Cliffe at Night" in June 2014
  •  Op.28 "Epinikion" in September 2014
  •  Op.16 "A Shepherd in a Glade" in December 2014
  •  Op.38 "The Stolen Child" in January 2015
  •  Op.87 "Daybreak at Sea" in September 2015
  •  Op.94 "Hark where Poseidon's White racing horses" in February 2016
  •  Op.5 No.1 "Strew on her Roses" in December 2016
  •  Op.5 No.2 "Love and Laughter" in December 2016
  •  Op.64 "Suite in Three Movements" in March 2017
  •  Op.89 "March for Military Band" in March 2017
  •  Op.24 "The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance" in May 2017
More synchronised scores will follow in due course.
We need more recordings! So if you are planning a performance of any work by CBR and would like to supply a recording for the Playlist, do please contact us through the Feedback page. Depending on your preference, we will gladly acknowledge all solo performers or choirs by name, add photos and show brief biographies for conductor and soloists.