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Opus 8 No 1
Four Impressions (Killarney):
Miniatures for Violin Solo and Small Orchestra

This delightful set of miniatures was written in 1900 by the composer Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR); the work provides an opportunity for the solo violin to have some fun!

Evolution of the work

The composer was evidently determined that this work should be performed one way or another. We don't know whether the work did get a performance in its original form (solo violin and orchestra), but CBR made two later arrangements.

All three manuscripts are in the Cambridge University Library:
• Op.8 No.1 Four Impressions (Killarney): solo violin & orchestra (1900)
  Shelfmark MS.Add.9192.101(1)
• Op.8 No.2 Four Miniatures arranged for Piano Duet (1900)
  Shelfmark MS.Add.9192.101(2)
• Op.8 No.3 Impressions pour Violon et Piano: violin & piano (1901)
  (Movements 1-3 only)
  Shelfmark MS.Add.9192.101(3)

Op.8 No.3 Impressions pour Violon et Piano (pub.1902)

Impressions pour Violon et Piano Op.8 No.3
Published in 1902 by Bosworth & Co (cat. 4597)