How's it going?

On this page we aim to keep you informed about our progress with the Rootham Project, as we gradually capture in digital format the musical œuvre of Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR).

Our thanks to all those who have contributed to this exciting project since its modest start in 2013. A case of "great oaks from little acorns grow"?

Works by CBR recently typeset





A snapshot of our progress so far

Back in July 2013 we started this project to capture Cyril Rootham's music in digital format. More than four years later we can see great progress, thanks to all those friends and colleagues who have now engraved around 30 of CBR's works.

Steps in the Digital Capture ProjectJune
PDF file of original autograph manuscript0311192529
PDF file of printed songs, part-songs, choral & chamber works01362727979
Works captured as separate JPEG or TIFF page images32567808586
Works scanned by optical music recognition (OMR)0746646767
Works captured as a digital MusicXML file0448667477
Works newly typeset in MuseScore, Sibelius or Finale0017274451
Works currently in print and available for sale or hire313746465151
Works recorded and available on the Playlist 03771115
Performance recordings on the Playlist with score pages in sync0046912
Synthesized playback on Works page with MuseScore pages in sync 0000019
Performance recordings uploaded to the Rootham YouTube channel000005



How does the project move forward?

For works which were once in print:

For unpublished works in manuscript only:

To add works to the Playlist:

MuseScore with moving cursor

Can you contribute to the project?

How you can help: typesetting

If you have skills in typesetting music in MuseScore, Sibelius or Finale, do please contact us. We have some modest funding available to commission new typesetting.

Manuscript fragment - Op.10 String Quartet in G minor

Manuscript: from CBR's Op.10 String Quartet in G minor (1902)
By permission of the Master and Fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge

How you can help: performing

And if you are a solo performer or part of a small chamber group, again do please contact us. We are always interested to hear from enthusiasts.

How you can help: sponsoring

If you would like to step forward and fund the typesetting of CBR's Symphony No 1, we would be very glad to hear from you. Dan Rootham can be reached through our Feedback page.

How you can help: spreading the word

Perhaps you work in a music college or a school? If you would like to add a work by Cyril Rootham to the study curriculum, please ask Dan Rootham for access to the electronic version of your preferred work.