Arthur Hutchings
"The music of Cyril Rootham"

Broadcast on 15 December 1975 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Cyril Rootham's birth, this talk by the late Arthur Hutchings sheds an interesting light on the composer.


In this radio talk, Arthur Hutchings reviews the importance of Cyril Rootham (CBR) both as a teacher and as a composer.

The talk includes some musical examples of CBR's music:

You can download a transcript of the centenary talk "The music of Cyril Rootham" as a PDF file (174Kb).


We are grateful to Sam Wansborough of Samsound Limited for restoration work on this recording. As well as clean-up of the artefacts of the 1975 LP recording, specialised work was carried out on the musical extracts included from 1936 and 1938. Taken from original 78rpm gramophone recordings, the wow and flutter in these historic recordings has been greatly reduced giving a much clearer impression of the original performance.