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Opus 1 No 1
In the Merry May

This song for solo voice and piano was written in 1894 when the composer was 24 years old. The work is inscribed "Composed for and sung by Miss Minnie Chamberlain".

About this work

Written in 1894, this youthful and exuberant work is one of four songs chosen by the composer to form his Opus 1.

Three of these Op.1 songs are inscribed to the contralto Clara Butt, who was a pupil of CBR's father Daniel Wilberforce Rootham. But In the Merry May has a different dedication: "Composed for and sung by Miss Minnie Chamberlain". Can anyone shed light on who Minnie Chamberlain was?

Publication status

Originally published by Stanley Lucas, Weber, Pitt & Hatzfeld, the sheet music for this early song has long been out of print.

Op.1 No.1 original edition by Stanley Lucas, Weber, Pitt and Hatzfeld

Original 1894 edition by Stanley Lucas, Weber, Pitt & Hatzfeld

Fortunately this song (and the three other songs which form Cyril Rootham's Op.1) have been newly edited and typeset by composer Sylvain Kuntzmann, and we intend to publish them later in 2018.



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