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Opus 5 No 2
Love and Laughter

This is the second part-song written in 1898 by the 23-year old Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR): the poem's serious content belies its frivolous title.

About this work

Opus 5 No 2 "Love and Laughter" sets the text of the poem by the founding father of Haileybury Arthur Gray Butler.

The song is dedicated to the Bristol Madrigal Society, where Cyril Rootham's father Daniel Wilberforce Rootham (1837-1922) was musical director for 50 years.

Daniel Wilberforce Rootham in 1896

Daniel Wilberforce Rootham
Photo: Villiers & Quick, Bristol (September 1896)

Publication status

Originally published by Boosey & Co in 1899, the sheet music for this part-song has been out of print for many years. But we have recently been able to typeset the music and hope to publish it in 2018.

About this recording

St Margaret's Church, Westminster

St Margaret's Church, Westminster

This performance was recorded at a concert given by The Treasury Singers at St Margaret's Church, Westminster on 18 November 2016.

Although "Love and Laughter" was originally intended to be sung a cappella in intimate venues, for this performance The Treasury Singers used the optional accompaniment in the larger acoustic of St Margaret's Church. Their concert also included another CBR part-song: you can also listen to Rootham's Opus 5 No 1 "Strew on her Roses".