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Opus 12
Réminiscences des Alpes Bavaroises

This three-movement work for violin and piano written in 1906 shows CBR in his early Romantic phase. Perhaps the "Alpes Bavaroises" in the title are a silent homage to Elgar, who published his Op.27 song cycle "From the Bavarian Highlands" in 1895?

About this work

Publication status

Originally published by Schott in 1906-07, this work is currently out of print. But the good news is that we now have the piece newly typeset. After proofreading, we intend to publish our new edition later in 2018.

Op.12 Reminiscences des Alpes Bavaroises

Op.12 Réminiscences des Alpes Bavaroises
Original Schott edition ca. 1906-07