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Op.13 No.2
"Sweet Echo"
for voices SSATB a cappella

Composed in 1906, this 5-part madrigal sets to music a short poem by the poet John Milton.


Published in 1906, this charming part song can be regarded as typical of Cyril Rootham's output in the innocent years before the First World War. From 1915 onwards, the lyrics which CBR chose for his songs became a lot grittier.


The original edition of Op.13 No.2 "Sweet Echo" carries a dedication:
"To the President and Members of the Madrigal Society (London)"

There is also a printed footnote on the first page of music:
"To this Madrigal was awarded the Madrigal Society's Prize
December 1906"


Publication status

Originally published about 1907 by The Vincent Music Co, this part song has been out of print for many years. But fortunately we now have a newly-typeset version, which we intend to publish later in 2018.

Sweet Echo: Vincent edition ca.1907

Op.13 "Sweet Echo": original Vincent Music Co edition ca. 1907

Surprisingly, Milton is not acknowledged on the printed edition of this part song; the composer was usually punctilious about crediting an author.

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