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Opus 16
A Shepherd in a Glade

Written in 1904 by the composer Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR), this old-fashioned but engaging part-song about love and rejection displays an innocence which would be swept away by the First World War starting ten years later.

About this work

Opus 16 "A Shepherd in a Glade" revives the lyrics by an anonymous author originally used by John Dowland in No. XVII from his Second Book of Songs or Ayres (1600).

This part song with its interesting harmonies won CBR the prize in the 1904 competition run by The Musical Times, and is for unaccompanied SATB voices.

CBR's father Daniel Wilberforce Rootham (1837-1922) was musical director of the Bristol Madrigal Society for many years, and this background influence on CBR's music is very evident in this work.

Publication status

The sheet music for this part-song has been continuously in print since it was published by Novello in 1904. Their edition also provides the piano part (intended for practice only) and the music can be ordered as cataloge ref "NOV400736 Novello" from Presto Classical. The lyrics are shown on the right.

About this recording

This performance was recorded at a concert given at the Menuhin Hall in Stoke d'Abernon on 21 June 2014 by the Ripieno Choir, directed by David Hansell. As part of their concert they also performed two other CBR part-songs (op 87 and op 94), which are also available on the Playlist.


François Boucher: Shepherd piping to a Shepherdess

François Boucher, detail from Shepherd piping to a Shepherdess (1747/50)