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Op.23 No.4
Pippa Sings

This song uses Robert Browning's poem "Pippa's Song", but with a subtly different title of "Pippa Sings".

The work is dedicated "To G. W.".

About this work

Set for voice and piano, "Pippa Sings" was composed in June 1906, when CBR had been Director of Music at St John's College, Cambridge for five years.

The dedication for this short and charming work simply states "To G. W.", but we have not yet been able to identify the dedicatee.


Publication status

The first three songs of Op.23 were originally published by Stainer & Bell and are still available, but this final song "Pippa Sings" (No.4) has never yet been published. However the song has recently been typeset by Andrew King, and we hope to publish the work during the course of 2019.

Op.23 No.4 'Pippa Sings' - original manuscript

Original manuscript of Op.23 No.4 "Pippa Sings"
Cambridge University Library: shelfmark MS.Add.9192.65