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Opus 28
Epinikion (Song of Victory)

Composed in 1906, this work with its Greek title hints at Cyril Rootham's classical education: his first degree was in Classics, followed by a degree in Music. This performance by Marilyn Harper was recorded on the fine organ at St George's RC Cathedral in Southwark, London SE1.

The artist

Marilyn Harper is a former organ scholar of Girton College, Cambridge. She is currently organist at Christ's Chapel in Dulwich, and is also tutor for the Royal College of Organists Academy.

Marilyn Harper

Marilyn Harper

Marilyn has given recitals in many of the major UK venues, including St Paul's Cathedral, Southwark Anglican Cathedral and Birmingham Cathedral; also at St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney NSW. She regularly accompanies choirs at cathedrals and for concert tours in Europe.

This recording

This recording was made on 10 August 2014 in St George's RC Cathedral in Southwark. In May 2014, Marilyn Harper had performed "Epinikion" as part of a public recital in the cathedral. Her recital also included Bach's Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor (BWV542) and the Suite for Organ by Denis Bédard.

St George's RC Cathedral

St George's RC Cathedral,

Dedicated to Alfred Hollins

Opus 28 "Epinikion" was dedicated to the organist Alfred Hollins (1865–1942), whom CBR obviously admired greatly.

Alfred Hollins

Alfred Hollins

Blind from birth, Hollins was musically very gifted. Eventually he had the opportunity to study in Berlin under Hans von Bülow, and became an eminent recitalist. His recital tours included not only Europe but also the USA, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. He was invited to become organist of the Free St. George's Church in Edinburgh, a post which he held for the rest of his life.

There are several online biographies of Alfred Hollins available: