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Opus 37
Elegiac Rhapsody on an Old Church Melody

Written in 1910 by the composer Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR), this piece is for solo organ. The work was dedicated to CBR's friend George Dixon, a notable English organ designer.


This work was dedicated by CBR to his friend George Dixon (1870-1950), who was a notable designer of British organs. As an organist himself, CBR evidently enjoyed the company of George Dixon.

The photograph below is taken from CBR's own photo album and probably dates from about 1925.

Cyril Rootham, George Dixon and others

Left to right:
Gordon Bryan, Cyril Rootham, Arthur Bliss, Sir Dan Godfrey, George Dixon, Armstrong Gibbs, Patrick Hadley


Publication status

The sheet music for this work is available from Stainer & Bell as catalogue number 50038 "Elegiac Rhapsody for Organ".