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Op.44 No.1
for voice and piano

Composed in 1913, this work sets to music a short poem by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge.


In 1913 Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR) originally composed his Op.44 song cycle "Four Dramatic Songs" for soprano or tenor solo and orchestra, using four poems by Mary Coleridge.

But in the same year CBR rewrote the work for voice and piano, and the four songs were published in that simplified form by Novello in 1913.

Publication status

These four songs have been out of print for many years, but we have now typeset the version for voice and piano which we intend to publish later in 2018.

Imagination: published by Novello 1913

Op.44 No.1 "Imagination"       (original Novello edition, 1913)


We are also in the process of typesetting the original version of Op.44, written for soprano or tenor solo and orchestra. So in due course we will be able to offer you on these web pages an alternative rendering of the song cycle.

Other songs from Op.44

On the links below you can hear the other three songs for voice and piano from CBR's Op.44 "Four Dramatic Songs":

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