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Opus 47 "Song from Theocritus' 15th Idyll"
for voice and piano

Composed in 1913, this is a setting of the song (in classical Greek) from
"The 15th Idyll" by Theocritus.


Before obtaining a degree in Music in 1900, Cyril Rootham gained his original degree in Classics in 1897. So the works of the Greek poet Theocritus would have been very familiar to him, and on the manuscript of this work the lyric text in classical Greek is in CBR's own hand.

CBR set this song for an unusual combination: solo soprano, harp and string quartet. The title page of the work carries an explanation of why the Song was composed in 1913:

    "Composed for the representation of the 15th Idyll of Theocritus
    at Bedford College, Regent's Park, London, at the meeting of the
    British Classical Association, Jan. 1914"

Publication status

By permission of the Master and Fellows of St.John's College, Cambridge
This work has never yet been published, and we are very grateful to St. John's College for making available a copy of the original manuscript.

M/s page from Op.47 Song from Theocritus 15th Idyll

Manuscript title page: Op.47 Song from Theocritus 15th Idyll

The work has now been typeset and is undergoing proofreading, not least of the lyrics in classical Greek. Eventually we hope to publish the song in late 2018 or 2019.

Typeset page from Op.47 Song from Theocritus 15th Idyll

Typeset page: Op.47 Song from Theocritus 15th Idyll

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