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  • The Soprano voice is represented by a flute
  • The Alto voice is represented by an oboe
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  • The Bass voice is represented by a bassoon
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About Opus 51: For the Fallen

About this work

In 1915 (the second year of the First World War), composer Cyril Rootham grasped this poem by Laurence Binyon and set it to music. Rootham was trying to express the mixture of pride and sorrow which Britain felt as an entire generation was slaughtered on the battlefield.

This recording

This recording is not a live concert: it's simply a set of synthesised MP3 files which choirs can use for rehearsal purposes. If you would like to hear a concert recording, try our alternative web page with the Chiswick Choir in 2011.

Published score

The sheet music for Rootham's "For the Fallen" is in print and available from Cathedral Music under catalogue reference C 1086. The vocal scores can be purchased from Cathedral Music, and the full score and orchestral parts are available for hire.

Rehearsal figures

The numbered rehearsal figures available under the audio player match the rehearsal numbers printed in the vocal score.


A note of thanks: it's worth pointing out the important role of pioneering conductors Robert Tucker (Broadheath Singers, 1995) and Alistair Jones (Chiswick Choir, 2011) in getting this neglected work back into the repertoire, available as a recording and available in print. The recording by the Broadheath Singers can be heard by appointment at the British Library if you are a Registered Reader.

Planning a performance?

If your choral society would like to perform Rootham's "For the Fallen", do please contact Dan Rootham through our Feedback page. Dan will be glad to provide advice and support, practice CDs and so on.