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Opus 59
Weep not, belovèd friends

Written in 1919 by Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR), "Weep not, belovèd friends" was composed to honour members of St. John's College Cambridge who had died on active service during the First World War.

About this work

Op.60 "Weep not, belovèd friends" is a very short work for SATB voices a cappella. It was composed in October 1919 and was sung at the Memorial Service held on 26 October in the Chapel of St. John's College.

Chapel of St. John's College, Cambridge

Chapel of St.John's College, Cambridge
Photo: The Choir of St. John's Cambridge

Publication status

Using the original manuscript held in the Cambridge University Library, we have now been able to typeset this work for the first time. We acknowledge the help of the University Library, and we intend to publish the work in due course.

Cyril Rootham Op.59 original manuscript

Manuscript score of Op.59 "Weep not, belovèd friends"
(Cambridge University Library: shelfmark MS.Add.9192.28(1))

About this recording

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