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Opus 65
Brown Earth

Written in 1921-22 by Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR), "Brown Earth" received the prestigious Carnegie Award. The work is set for chorus, semichorus and orchestra.

About this work

Opus 65 "Brown Earth" sets the text of the poem 'Truly He Hath A Sweet Bed' by Thomas Moult. The work is dedicated "In memory of F. H. L.", but we have not yet been able to identify the dedicatee by name.

Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall

The work received its first performance on 14 March 1923, at a concert in the Royal Albert Hall given by the combined musical societies of Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Publication status

Originally published by Stainer & Bell, the vocal scores are still available. The full score and orchestral parts were lost, but during 2016 we were able to typeset the full score and parts. We hope to re-publish the work in 2017.

Manuscript pages:
by permission of the Master & Fellows of St John's College, Cambridge.

About this recording

Disclaimer   In the absence of a live recording, we can only play a synthesized MP3 file generated from the typeset score. It makes no artistic claims, and should only be used to gain a rough impression of the work and its orchestration.

The poet

Thomas Moult (1893-1974) was an English journalist and writer, and one of the Georgian poets. He is known for his annual anthologies Best Poems of the Year, 1922 to 1943, which were popular verse selections taken from periodicals on both sides of the Atlantic.

Poems of Thomas Moult

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