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Opus 69
The West Wind

This work for voice and piano sets the eponymous poem by John Masefield. We think that CBR started to set the poem to music around 1905: the original manuscript is held in the Cambridge University Library (shelfmark MS.Add.9192.70).

About this work

Op.69 "The West Wind" is an uplifting song and does justice to Masefield's fine poem. Although the music dates originally from ca. 1905, it seems likely that CBR revised the song extensively before it was finally published in 1923.

As far as we can discover, the most recent broadcast performance of "The West Wind" was in a recital of Rootham's songs by Margaret Field-Hyde (soprano) and Clifton Helliwellon (piano) on the BBC Third Programme in 1950.


Publication status

Originally published by J. Curwen & Sons Ltd in 1923, the sheet music for this song has been out of print for several decades. But the work has now been typeset, and we intend to publish our new edition late in 2019.

Op.69 original edition

Original 1923 edition by Curwen


About this recording

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