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Opus 88
Suite for Pianoforte

With its frequent changes of time signature and wide-spanning chords, this four-movement suite for piano written in 1933 represents a challenge for the performer.

About this work

Dedication: "To Pamela McKenna"

The work was dedicated to a family friend and keen pianist Pamela McKenna, wife of Reginald McKenna (1863-1943) who was Home Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer in Asquith's government during 1915-16.

In 1933 Cyril Rootham also set to music a poem by Pamela's young son Michael: Op.87 "Daybreak at Sea". Michael had died in 1931 at the age of only 21, and his mother published a memorial volume about his short life.

This performance

Recitalist, accompanist and lecturer Philip Lange performed this work during two recording sessions on 14 June 2017 and 3 January 2018.

Philip Lange (pianist)

Philip Lange