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Opus 89
March for Military Band

Composed in 1933, this march was originally written for large band forces. In this careful arrangement by Alan Shellard for the London Military Band, the reduced orchestration removes much instrument doubling but preserves the inner harmony and all the melodic lines.

About this work


In 1933, Cyril Rootham wrote this work for the brass band of the Cambridge branch of the Royal British Legion.

Royal British Legion: scene in the trenches

Publication status

The full score for Rootham's "March for Military Band " was typeset from CBR's manuscript in 2016 by Alistair Jones. This original version calls for 23 instruments and percussion.

When Alan Shellard of the London Military Band was asked to consider a performance of the work, he found it sensible to arrange the work for smaller forces: in this case 13 instruments and percussion. The reduced orchestration of his arrangement removes much instrument doubling, but sensitively preserves the inner harmony and all the melodic lines.

Alan Shellard's arrangement of Op.89 March for Military Band

Arrangement of Op.89 "March for Military Band"
© 2017 Alan Shellard

We hope to publish both versions of the Op.89 March some time during 2020.