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Opus 94
Hark, where Poseidon's White racing horses

Written in 1936, this unaccompanied part-song sets a poem by the celebrated Canadian poet Bliss Carman.

About this work


This work is dedicated to "The President, the Musical Director (Dr Hubert Hunt) and the members of the Bristol Madrigal Society, for the Society's 100th anniversary".

Cyril Rootham's father Daniel Wilberforce Rootham (1837-1922) was musical director of the Bristol Madrigal Society for 50 years, and it is very likely that Cyril Rootham belonged to the society during his early years in Bristol.

This recording

This recording of Hark, where Poseidon's White racing horses (opus 94) was made at the summer concert given by the Ripieno Choir on 21 June 2014 at The Menuhin Hall, Stoke d'Abernon. The performance was conducted by David Hansell.

Menuhin Hall

The Menuhin Hall
Stoke d'Abernon

Ripieno Choir

You can read more about the Ripieno Choir and their current concert programme on the choir's website.

Ripieno Choir

Ripieno Choir

Publication status

The sheet music for Rootham's "Hark, where Poseidon's White racing horses" is published by OUP Archive and can be ordered as catalogue no OCS787 through Presto Classical. The piano accompaniment is intended for practice only.

Hark, where Poseidon's White racing horses: OUP Archive OCS787

Hark, where Poseidon's White racing horses
OUP Archive OCS787