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Recorded on 2nd March 2019 at St. Cuthbert's Church, Earls Court

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Part 1: voices and piano (performance)
Part 1: voices and orchestra (synthesised)

Part 2: voices and piano (performance)
Part 2: voices and orchestra (synthesised)


Opus 18
Andromeda   (Part 1)

Written in 1903-05 by Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR), "Andromeda" is a dramatic choral work based on the eponymous poem by Charles Kingsley. The work is set for soprano, contralto and baritone soli, chorus and orchestra.

About this work

Opus 18 "Andromeda" is a dramatic cantata based on Charles Kingsley's poem of 1852. The work is scored for soprano, contralto and baritone soloists, chorus and full orchestra: the solo roles are Andromeda, Cassiopeia and Perseus.

"Andromeda" is in two parts: a first part of 500 bars and a second part of 802 bars. This web page provides the vocal score and playback for Part 1.


Cyril Rootham dedicated the work "To the memory of my mother ": Mary Rootham (née Gimblett Evans) who had died on 24 May 1901 aged only 51. Truly the composer must have poured all his energy into creating this monumental work.

First performance

The work was first performed at the Bristol Musical Festival in 1909, probably in the Colston Hall which had been rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1898 and reopened in 1901.

Andromeda: original vocal score

Op.18 "Andromeda": original vocal score proof
(Novello, 1908)


Only 33 years old and still relatively unknown, how did Cyril Rootham get a performance of his new work in the Colston Hall? It can surely be no coincidence that CBR's father (Daniel Wilberforce Rootham) was the musical director of the Bristol Festival Chorus.

This recording

Recorded at St. Cuthbert's Church (Earls Court) on 2 March 2019, this vocal score performance is the first ever recording of Op.18 "Andromeda". Intended as a rehearsal opportunity leading up to two live performances in June 2019, the recording was co-funded by the Rootham family and the Charles Kingsley 200 Festival. The recording engineer was James Waterhouse.

Casting and production were handled by Julia Stutfield of Cantata Dramatica and the conductor was Quintin Beer. The pianist was Raya Kostova, Philippa Boyle sang the role of Andromeda, Shelley Cox took the parts of Casseopeia and Athene, and Perseus was sung by David Jones. Members of the chorus were:
  • Soprano: Emily Jennings, Angharad Rowlands, Helena Thompson
  • Alto: Helena Cooke, Bethany Horak-Hallett, Rosie Parker
  • Tenor: James Rhoads, Will Searle, Will Wright
  • Bass: Hugo Herman-Wilson, Piers Kennedy

Quintin Beer conducts recording of Op.18 Andromeda in St Cuthbert's Church, Earls Court
Quintin Beer (conductor), Raya Kostova (piano) and chorus
in St Cuthbert's Church, Earls Court on 2 March 2019