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Opus 64
Suite in Three Movements

Written in 1921, this suite for flute and piano is dedicated to Louis Fleury

Suite in Three Movements (1921)


Flute and sheet music

This work is dedicated to the French flautist Louis Fleury (1878-1926), who was a member of the Société Moderne des Instruments à Vent (Modern Society for Wind Instruments).

Fleury was influential in redisovering flute works from the Baroque period, and also commissioned new works from his contemporaries.

About this work

Opus 64 "Suite in Three Movements", published in 1922, is a beautifully crafted work that deserves to be in every flautist's repertoire, taking its inspiration from Baroque dance movements and being dedicated to Louis Fleury, the most influential flute player of the early twentieth century.

The first movement is a Passacaglia in 4/4 time, with a noble theme developed by the piano with increasingly complex harmonies, and by the flute with characteristic arabesques. It reverts to a sparse final statement of the theme.

The second movement is a languid Saraband with the flute adding a fluid, sultry line, making tangible the heat of a summer afternoon.

The final movement is a very English Jig, rhythmically taut, and with a touch of humour. Unexpected 3/4 bars threaten to throw the rhythm - and the unwary performer!

Notes © 2014 David Jewel

The tempo is marked as follows:
  • 1 Passacaglia: Andantino ( about 80)
  • 2 Saraband: Lento ( about 58)
  • 3 Jig: Allegro (. about 120)

This recording

This recording of opus 64 "Suite in Three Movements" was made on 27 June 2014 in Studio 1 at the University of Surrey.

We gratefully acknowledge the help given in the making of this recording by the Institute of Sound Recording at the University of Surrey, and by students on its Tonmeister Course.

The prestigious Surrey Tonmeister degree is unique in the UK, blending rigorous musical study, advanced investigation of audio engineering and mastery of sound recording operation and practice. The programme enjoys superb links to, and reputation within, the industry. Past graduates include Oscar, Grammy, Brit and BAFTA award winners, as well as over 100 nominations for these and other awards.

James Holliss at Institute of Sound Recording, University of Surrey

Institute of Sound Recording
at the University of Surrey

The recording engineer from the university's Tonmeister course was James Hollis. At the time of this recording, James (above) was a third year Tonmeister student graduating in 2016, and was about to start his industrial placement year with Ben Holland, moving into broadcast sound and the recording of both classical and contemporary music. James can be contacted at

Publication status

Suite in Three Movements: Chester Music CH01552

Suite in Three Movements
Chester Music CH01552

The sheet music for Rootham's opus 64 "Suite in Three Movements" is published by Chester Music and can be ordered as catalogue no CH01552 through Presto Classical.